SEO Tools: UrlCheckr

30 04 2015

This blog has been dead for a while now. I keep it online just for archiving purposes. In the meanwhile a lot has changed and I recently started developing some SEO tools.

The first tool I launched is a URL checker, called UrlCheckr. With this tool you can check a big amount of url’s for their status (e.g. 404, 200, 500, etc.). This will help you especially when you’re busy working on SEO or doing a big migration. In the near future some new features will be implemented like importing CSV/TXT files (i’m researching the possibility to import Google Sitemaps) and exporting data to CSV and Excel.

The best of all, the tool is totally free! Yes there are some ads which probably annoy you, but that’s the only way for me to pay the hosting costs. Feel free to use UrlCheckr as much as you like and please spread the word.

If you encounter any bugs or miss some features, please provide feedback using the Feedback button on the right.


Thoughts on Flex: ExtendedSound

28 08 2009

New article on Thoughts on Flex: Easy sound volume and fading in Flex with ExtendedSound

New post on Thoughts on Flex

28 08 2009

How to add images (low and high resolution) to your PDF with AlivePDF.

new company

2 07 2009

It’s been a while. But I’m currently occupied as webdeveloper at an agency for communication and interactive media (in het nederlands: communicatieproject en interactieve media).

So go check it out.

Migration to

29 04 2008

Last week I’ve completed my personal website. With that, I thought of migrating All About The Web to my personal blog. This is going to happen now.

Why? It’s easier and I think better to maintain one blog at a time. Also an advantage to this is that my visitors should only visit one blog.

I’ve got plans for the future with the weblog in terms of tutorials, in-depth articles, best-of-the-web, etc. How long, how frequent and in which form is yet unknown. As always, I’m open for suggestions 🙂

This will be the definitive last post on this weblog. From now: Please visit my new website.

New website @

25 04 2008

Today I’ve launched my new website at The features at launch are:

  • Blog (probably All About The Web will be moved too)
  • Comments
  • Featured/new work
  • LightBox for enlargement views
  • Fresh new design 🙂

I hope to implement new and useful features in the near future. Please drop me a line if you have suggestions for my new website. Thanks!

Photoshop basics and more

16 04 2008

For a large group of starting designers, Photoshop can be hard to learn; especially when you get in-depth.
Last months I’ve come across some good tutorials which guide you into the great world of Photoshop and show you some neat techniques.

  1. Photoshop basics @ DigitalWeb
  2. A great start for modern interfaces @ Pstut
  3. How to export to the web @ Tutorial Dog
  4. Nice technique for Flickr box-alikes @ Photoshoptutorials
  5. Brush techniques to create energy beams @ Luxa
  6. How to use 3 different saturation tools @ Tutorial Pulse
  7. Intense light streaks (perhaps not that basic) @ Spoongraphics

Another great resource: PSDTuts.
I can’t say that all of these tutorials are really suitable for beginners, but still this is one of the best Photoshop tutorial site I’ve found over the last years! Do yourself a favor and check it out right now!